Suzanne Origlio, Ph.D.

Executive Coach


Dr. Suzanne Origlio, is a corporate psychologist who has been consulting with organizations for 25 years. Her areas of specialty include employee selection, individual assessment, leadership assimilation, coaching and development, team building, and career guidance.

Dr. Origlio earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Florida and went on to complete her master’s and doctoral degrees in Industrial- Organizational Psychology at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia. She began her professional career as an internal consultant for Southern Company, a large electric utility holding company, where she worked in the organizational effectiveness and leadership development departments.

As an external consultant, Suzanne advises business leaders in a wide variety of industries including telecommunications, banking, healthcare, restaurant, commercial construction, automotive, and airline, giving her a broad perspective on the current challenges facing organizations. She has helped organizations develop selection systems and assessed hundreds of job candidates for employment, placement, and development.

Her goal is to make sure there is a good fit between an individual and the position as well as with the culture of the organization. Because the first few months of a new leadership position are likely to be the most challenging, she can facilitate the transition of a manager as he or she changes roles within the organization and speed up the assimilation of leaders coming from outside the company. She has a great deal of experience providing feedback to individuals and assisting them in creating action plans for their development. She helps teams work better together and communicate more effectively.