Aparna Ananth, MD, MBA

Executive Coach


With rich experience as a front-line clinician and healthcare executive, Aparna Ananth brings unique and powerful insights to her coaching and consulting practice. She has served on the front lines and on governing boards of organizations through growth and mergers, helping clinicians and executives navigate change by developing strong internal leadership and alignment with organizational goals.

Aparna enjoys working with physician leaders and healthcare executives to build collaboration. Her interest is in building a strong foundation based on open communication and trust between front-line providers and healthcare organizations as they move together toward mutual success in a patient-centered environment.

With a coaching style based on creating a safe and open space for sharing thoughts, Aparna works with motivated individuals to maximize their potential and help them achieve their career and personal goals. She enjoys working with executives and physician leaders who are experiencing career and personal transitions, as well as those navigating a change in organizational structure and culture. Her coaching focuses on optimizing the client’s personal transformation and internal growth during times of external change.

Aparna is a fellowship-trained Cardiothoracic Anesthesiologist and currently serves as Chief Medical Officer of two community hospitals in Seattle. She is certified as an Executive Coach by the Hudson Institute of Coaching, and has an Associate Coach Certification (ACC) from the International Coaching Federation.

Following her anesthesiology residency training at Henry Ford Hospital (Detroit, MI), Aparna completed a Cardiothoracic Anesthesia Fellowship at the University of Washington, and subsequently obtained her Master in Business Administration degree from the University of Massachusetts – Isenberg School of Business.

An avid outdoor enthusiast, Aparna spends her leisure time exploring the mountains and waters of the beautiful Pacific Northwest.