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COVID-19 Impact: Protecting the Mental Health of Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers are hurting, and the American Psychiatric Association anticipates “a great deal of post-traumatic stress” among medical professionals as the pandemic stretches. As a healthcare leader, supporting the mental health of your team is a critical part of your COVID-19 response, warn researchers. In this post, we’ll cover mitigation tactics to help protect your...
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Finding Your Way Forward

In healthcare, people have been watching their leaders over the course of this crisis. And, they are taking measure. How are you showing up in the storm? As coaches who come from careers as healthcare leaders, we’ve been talking with our clients and their teams nationwide during the COVID-19 Crisis.  Of all the insights we’ve...
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Where’s Your Anchor in the Storm?

Do current events feel overwhelming at times? Sea mariners know something that can help a leader in the grips of a tumultuous crisis. When a storm rises upon a ship at sea, the wind and waves can threaten to sink it. If the storm rises when the ship is in a harbor, an anchor is...
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HEADS UP! During Crisis: A Decision-making Checklist

In the course of our coaching practice, one of the principles we discuss most frequently with our clients is the notion of the importance of “heads up” time. It is typical and natural for busy executives to spend much of their day in “heads down” time, attending to the important priorities and tasks at hand. ...
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Struggle Makes for Stronger Leaders

The double-entendre of this cartoon in the Wall Street Journal really hooked me. The salmon are swimming upstream, just as they are designed to do. Yet it’s exhausting swimming against the flow — enough to question the effort, even when it’s the right thing to be doing. The salmon’s destiny lies upstream, not downstream. Maybe...
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A 2 x 2 Can Make You a Better Leader, ESPECIALLY in a Crisis

Will YOU accept the 2 x 2 Challenge? If you are a healthcare leader, the Covid-19 Crisis has thrust you and your team into uncharted territory. As we talk with healthcare leaders across the US, we continue to be impressed with and inspired by your courage and resourcefulness and humbled by the steadfast commitment of...
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COVID-19, Complexity, and Dancing with Chaos

Contributing Authors: Eric Norwood, FACHE  and  Michael Hein, MD Over the past several weeks, we are seeing complexity play out in dramatic ways. Significant changes are likely taking place for you in terms of how you view your role and impact as a leader. In this post, we’ll explore crisis leadership insights to help you maximize...
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8 Tips for Leadership in Periods of Crisis

Contributing Authors: Robert Porter and Kathy Gibala We continue to be humbled by those of you who are fearlessly working at the front lines of this crisis, putting your own health at risk to respond to the call to human service.  And we have been so impressed by the resilience, resourcefulness, and courage demonstrated by...
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Are Healthcare’s Sacred Cows Being Tipped?

You’ve heard of cow tipping, right? Frat boys pass their initiation hazing by sneaking up on a sleeping cow and pushing it over? I recently spoke to two healthcare executives who assure me it’s real. So, I consulted the Internet, our ever-trustworthy Source of Truth. “The evidence against cow tipping is immense and backed up...
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