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2020: Loss and Found

I was walking past reception in our facility and saw the “Lost and Found” cart that housed all of the items children had “lost” when they attend our after-school program. I noticed the sweatshirts, water bottles, jackets, even a shoe or two. My brain catalogued those items in the file “2020 Losses” — my mindset as...
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Finding a Path Forward to Social Justice

I have had occasion recently to speak with several senior executives who care deeply about the issue of social justice but who are struggling to find the best way for themselves and their organizations to serve as positive instruments of change. Many of them voice fear about wading into the issue, given how emotionally charged...
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Are You Addicted to Urgency?

The events of 2020 have radically transformed the way we work. For leaders, one side effect has been a growing Addiction to Urgency. Being busy is a badge of honor in American business. Having a sense of urgency is a virtue and, compared to complacency and laziness, that makes a lot of sense. In his...
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Belief is Blind

When we believe something to be true, it has a powerful effect. It often leads us to tap into a tendency known as confirmation bias. Confirmation bias is the natural propensity to “gather evidence that confirms preexisting expectations, typically by emphasizing or pursuing supporting evidence while dismissing or failing to seek contradictory evidence,” explains the...
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Finding the Right Executive Coach: 8 Considerations

Professional athletes, market innovators, art and tech prodigies all have a longstanding tradition of magnifying their skills with expert coaching. As Inc. magazine explains it, “It’s no secret that high performers of all stripes swear by coaching. Everyone from Google’s founders to the rock band Metallica credits coaches with getting them where they are today...
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Addressing Implicit Bias in Healthcare Delivery

Recent events and mounting industry data illuminate an uncomfortable truth: Implicit bias is prevalent in healthcare, and many are unaware. More importantly, it’s hurting patients. In this post, we’ll touch on ramifications and recommendations for tackling implicit bias as healthcare leaders so that every patient — regardless of background, ethnicity, race, education, sexual orientation, or...
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Navigating Conflict to Create Coordinated Movement

Over the past several months I have listened to clients who have struggled with more conflict in their organizations than ever before. In one conversation, Doug (not his real name), a CMO in the Midwest, mentioned that he was having conflict with his CEO. Because they normally see eye-to-eye on most things, he wasn’t sure...
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Moving Through Anger to Dialogue

We are in a time of enormous turbulence in our country with focused energy aimed at a set of complex cultural issues long overdue for attention and reform.  It is at once a time of great potential but also great risk as the heightened passion will either move us to embrace change or further entrench and...
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Coaching Remotely

As we enter a new era of executive coaching, we will need to develop new behaviors and skills. Here are a couple observations for consideration: ONE: Create a New Connectivity Absent face-to-face experiences, coaches need to connect on a new personal level. A two-dimensional relationship lacks the richness of experiencing one’s individuality, so both the...
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