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Why Coach High Performers?

Professional athletes, market innovators and artistic prodigies all have a longstanding tradition of magnifying their skills with expert coaching. Likewise, high-performing healthcare leaders are ideal candidates for individualized leadership growth. Can “born leaders” succeed indefinitely? While some are “born leaders” with innate charisma and good instincts, most leadership skills must be learned or refined, argues...
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How Adults Learn: Common Pitfalls & Making New Skills “Stick”

It’s a common predicament: You attend a conference, watch an online course or spend time with a mentor, hear fascinating insights, take copious notes, and then… nothing. By the time you’re back to work, the ideas you thought could catapult your impact on the job are fuzzy memories, trampled by daily responsibilities and relegated to...
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Your Leadership and Effective Authority

In today’s necessarily complex organizations, the organization chart rarely provides complete clarity around the issue of authority. Within a hospital, work is done across departments and functional lines, knitting together their capabilities in initiatives designed to improve a process or implement a program. In multi-entity systems, local hospital leaders depend on the performance of functions...
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Rebuild & Recover: Working (and Living) on the Other Side of COVID

We’ve (almost) made it on the other side, and yet the light at the end of the tunnel doesn’t feel as bright as anticipated. While some areas of pressure have been released, new burdens are mounting and healthcare workers and leaders are questioning where and how things, and even they, fit. More than ever, I’m...
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Brand Recovery for Leaders: A 3-Step Approach

A leader’s brand is how others see — and what they say — about him or her (often when the leader is not around). Ever since Tom Peters introduced the concept in a famous late-’90s article in Fast Company, leaders have worked on building their brands from scratch. They have also attempted to reinvent their personal...
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Strengthening Team Dynamics and Leading Crucial Conversations (Part 2)

How do you address sensitive or controversial issues effectively within your team? Often, healthcare leaders mistakenly feel they must choose between (a) addressing the issue and damaging relationships or (b) ignoring the issue for the sake of the relationship. High-performing leaders manage to do both, addressing delicate topics in a way that strengthens relationships, team...
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Strengthening Team Dynamics and Leading Crucial Conversations (Part 1)

In our coaching work, we often encounter groups made up of highly talented, deeply dedicated members who are struggling to come together as a high-performing team due to interpersonal dynamics. Of course, we always need to explore the context in which the situation has arisen to address it effectively. We often find the key to...
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Battling Burnout: One Physician’s Story

“I am going to make a confession. I too, along with thousands of doctors, once suffered from burnout.” Dr. Sanziana Roman, Professor of Surgery at the University of California San Francisco, posted those words in her Twitter feed earlier this spring, on National Doctors Day. In a thread that garnered thousands of “likes” and hundreds...
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How one hospital reversed physician burnout and attrition

When we first met, administrators at Conway Regional Health faced a pending physician exodus and the possibility of a 40% revenue loss — significant challenges for incoming CEO Matt Troup. We sat down with Troup and his team as they described how they reversed physician dissent and replaced distrust with a thriving partnership. The challenge:...
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