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Don’t Overtrain: Avoiding Career & Leadership Burnout

Leaders are corporate athletes.  Elite leadership performance requires considerable physical and emotional endurance, mental focus, and determination. The demands that a leader places on their body are substantial. However, few leaders take the time to remember that they have a body, let alone pay close attention to caring for it. Over time, many healthcare leaders...
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Rebuilding the Healthcare Workforce

In our coaching engagements across the country, we see common themes in the aftermath of the pandemic: unsustainable operating losses, closed services, decreased engagement scores, nursing strikes, and unprecedented staffing shortages. In the U.S., employee engagement has slipped to 32%, with 17% of the workforce being actively disengaged, which Gallup defines as “disgruntled and disloyal...
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A Tale of Three Tables: How Physicians and Executives Become Partners

Without effective physician leadership, clinical redesign strategies will fail. A growing number of physicians are stepping into leadership roles in hospitals and health systems. Many health system CEOs are physicians. There is clearly a strong case for clinicians in the C-suite of the future. As a career health system executive CEO and executive coach to...
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Leading with Courage and Confidence in a Post-Pandemic World

It is stating the obvious to say that the situation confronting healthcare leaders is as challenging, if not more challenging, than any time in our history.  After surviving the ravages of the emergent stage of the COVID pandemic, we find ourselves facing a landscape which has been dramatically, and permanently, changed. We not only face...
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Leading Through Change and Inspiring Transformation in Healthcare

Though the challenges healthcare leaders face aren’t entirely new, there’s no denying our industry is undergoing a season of heightened and accelerated transformation.  As conditions change, how do you inspire your team, reduce resistance, and compel others to follow your lead? And how do you empower employees to create new solutions toward shared goals? As...
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Curbing Burnout Among Healthcare Workers

Burnout has reached crisis levels among healthcare workers. Earlier this year, U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murphy issued an advisory highlighting the urgent need to alleviate the burnout crisis and promote the mental health and well-being of health workers. Addressing the problem begins with identifying what’s fueling it. In this post, we explore five common causes...
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Neuroleadership: How Science Helps Healthcare Leaders Optimize Team Performance

As pressures mount and resources dwindle, delivering outstanding healthcare hinges largely on your ability to bring out the best in each member of your team. Easier said than done, of course. Though optimizing team performance can seem daunting, research on the neuroscience of workplace dynamics can help. The application of neuroscientific findings to leadership development...
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Chronic Stress Could Be Shrinking Your Brain

Budget cuts? Staffing shortages? Working 12-hour days or longer? Double and triple bookings? All of those stressors likely sound familiar. We thought the height of COVID would be the worst of busyness and demands on healthcare leaders, but since the crescendo of the pandemic, stressors haven’t tapered down. Instead, they continue to climb. In the...
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Magnet-Worthy: Building Transformational Nurse Leaders

It’s tough to achieve and maintain Magnet status — the gold standard of nursing excellence — in the midst of a massive nursing shortage, growing defections and discontent. Healthcare is undergoing a deep transformation, and navigating it well requires transformational leaders.  More than managing checklists and processes, transformational nurse leaders are adept at being change...
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