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Facing Down the Demon of Self-Doubt

In my coaching practice it is surprisingly common for me to encounter experienced and highly accomplished leaders riddled periodically with crippling self-doubt. Known as the “imposter syndrome” or “inner critic,” that internal voice of self-doubt is something that seemingly every leader battles to some extent at some time, regardless of overwhelming, objective evidence to the...
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Driving nurse retention and performance as turnover rates climb

Chances are your organization is struggling to fill nurse vacancies today, and nurses under your roof are struggling with burnout. Some are actively looking for a way out, ready to jump ship for better compensation, work/life balance, or retirement.  You’re not alone in that predicament, of course. Earlier this spring, a letter from the American...
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Growing Transformational Leaders: The MEDI Advantage

What does it take to develop leaders who are consistently effective in driving transformation, building high-performing teams, and achieving personal, professional and organizational goals? One of the greatest blessings in my career as a former executive in healthcare was working with an executive coach. Talk about a transformational experience. To understand the value of executive...
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Leading through this challenging year

It doesn’t take a crystal ball to know the next several months will continue to bring intense pressure, changes and opportunities for healthcare organizations. It’s a season that will reveal extraordinary leaders, and also expose leaders struggling with these new challenges (and, quite honestly, some of the same challenges of the past).  How prepared are...
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Leading While Lonely

Leadership can be a lonely experience. That loneliness is a common reason why many healthcare leaders turn to executive coaching. You see, leaders are always in the spotlight in their own organizations. They have few safe places to turn and share their misgivings, their quest, and just be themselves. The coaching relationship provides a safe...
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Resilience as a Leadership Discipline

The healthcare landscape continues to shift under our feet. Looking ahead, fulfilling your organization’s mission, serving your community well, and remaining financially strong all hinge largely on this oft-overlooked discipline: resilience. To be clear, we’re not just talking about your ability to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions, though that’s incredibly important. More than...
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3 Myths About Executive Coaching

Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of helping hundreds of healthcare leaders transform their organizations, build careers and relationships they’re proud of. And yet, we find some myths persist in our industry when it comes to executive coaching. In this post, we cover three common myths that can hold leaders back from advancing their...
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Ego and the Stories We Tell Ourselves

Ego-driven leaders tend to make up stories when facing challenges in order to avoid taking personal responsibilities. When you encounter an upsetting situation, your ego may cause you to make guesses and judgements about others’ intentions and you start telling yourself a story. In the absence of honest self-reflection, these stories are a lazy way...
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Coaching Emotional Intelligence During Crises

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a must for high-performing leaders during regular times, but it is especially important during crises. When times are uncertain and decisions are especially complex, leaders need to tune in to their own emotions in order to better understand and manage them. They also need to be aware of others’ emotions to...
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