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Addressing Implicit Bias in Healthcare Delivery

Recent events and mounting industry data illuminate an uncomfortable truth: Implicit bias is prevalent in healthcare, and many are unaware. More importantly, it’s hurting patients. In this post, we’ll touch on ramifications and recommendations for tackling implicit bias as healthcare leaders so that every patient — regardless of background, ethnicity, race, education, sexual orientation, or...
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Navigating Conflict to Create Coordinated Movement

Over the past several months I have listened to clients who have struggled with more conflict in their organizations than ever before. In one conversation, Doug (not his real name), a CMO in the Midwest, mentioned that he was having conflict with his CEO. Because they normally see eye-to-eye on most things, he wasn’t sure...
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Moving Through Anger to Dialogue

We are in a time of enormous turbulence in our country with focused energy aimed at a set of complex cultural issues long overdue for attention and reform.  It is at once a time of great potential but also great risk as the heightened passion will either move us to embrace change or further entrench and...
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Coaching Remotely

As we enter a new era of executive coaching, we will need to develop new behaviors and skills. Here are a couple observations for consideration: ONE: Create a New Connectivity Absent face-to-face experiences, coaches need to connect on a new personal level. A two-dimensional relationship lacks the richness of experiencing one’s individuality, so both the...
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Power in Leadership

Most people in leadership shy away from admitting they like the power of their position. They see power as something negative or conniving. Negative phrases like “imposed authority,” “contained emotions,” and “obeying commands” are associated with the word power. We are more comfortable saying we can influence or shape the mental model and actions of...
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Achieving Transformational Change Through Coaching

I really enjoy conversations with executives and senior clinical leaders in healthcare.  As a coach, I find many people interested in having a coach have a strong willingness to grow as a person.  They might not have it when they first sign up but usually after a coaching kick off they find not only do...
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Practicing the Pause

One of the things I get to do is to work with a recovery program though my church called Celebrate Recovery. Celebrate Recovery is a 12-step recovery group known for using acrostics to assist in the absorption of the material they are presenting. This approach speaks to me two reasons; 1) my seventh grade English...
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COVID-19 Impact: Protecting the Mental Health of Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers are hurting, and the American Psychiatric Association anticipates “a great deal of post-traumatic stress” among medical professionals as the pandemic stretches. As a healthcare leader, supporting the mental health of your team is a critical part of your COVID-19 response, warn researchers. In this post, we’ll cover mitigation tactics to help protect your...
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Finding Your Way Forward

In healthcare, people have been watching their leaders over the course of this crisis. And, they are taking measure. How are you showing up in the storm? As coaches who come from careers as healthcare leaders, we’ve been talking with our clients and their teams nationwide during the COVID-19 Crisis.  Of all the insights we’ve...
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