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MEDI coaches bring forward a significant amount of experience to their clients’ coaching journey. But not only do we have significant knowledge and application of coaching and leadership, we bring deep experiences from and exposure to the healthcare industry. Learn from our coaches, who lead from the intersection of healthcare and leadership.

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White Papers

Intentional Team Formation

The process of designing and deploying any disruptive change is challenging and must overcome the natural human resistance to change. This is even more challenging when the charge to lead the change process is given to a team made up of members who have no history with one another or, as is often the case...
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Leadership and Work-life Integration

One of the most pervasive issues for executive leaders is the struggle to achieve work-life integration. MEDI Leadership Executive Coach Robert Porter provides some practical steps to take control of your life. Learn about his observations about patterns of behavior that have proven effective in improving work-life integration for successful healthcare leaders. Click the image...
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Blog Posts

Humble & Kind Executives Are Viewed as More Powerful and as Better Leaders

Despite the visible increase in narcissism and rudeness in society and politics, humility & kindness are making a surprise come-back in business and leadership. Best-selling author Patrick Lencioni argues that the best team members don’t have big egos or concerns about status- they seek to point out the contributions of others, and they focus on collective, not...
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The Magic Accountability Button

I have had an opportunity to work with Nursing Leadership cohorts as a partner with several great MEDI Leadership coaches. One of the issues that comes up with almost every group is “How can I increase accountability in the organization?” They all wish they had a magic accountability button. There are many ways to define...
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