About Us

MEDI Leadership was founded in 2000 and is the largest executive coaching firm in the nation dedicated exclusively to the healthcare industry. The MEDI coaches are known and respected industry experts with a unique blend of healthcare leadership and coaching experience. They understand how the engine runs. Positive leadership change creates a more positive healthcare experience for patients. The more positive impact on patients, the greater the results for your organization’s performance.

MEDI Leadership is a catalyst for healthcare executives and teams to move from transactional leadership to transformational leadership. We offer executive coaching, team transformational development, and cohort-based coaching. We are dedicated to accelerating higher performance for our current and future healthcare leaders.

MEDI Leadership is a service of Navvis located in St. Louis, Missouri. Navvis delivers seamless, high-performing and aligned provider networks, care coordination, and value-based care models.

Mission Statement

The Mission of MEDI Leadership is to accelerate the development of healthcare leaders and teams and equip them to drive improved organizational performance and personal work life satisfaction.

Core Values

We honor, develop and share the gifts of one another.


In all things we act in a manner that reflects our values, our thinking and our commitments.


We reach out to others with openness, kindness and concern.


As a team and in our coaching, we strive to work together to craft solutions that leverage the gifts and respect the needs of all.


We expect the best of ourselves and one another and are committed to ongoing improvement.

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Our philosophy is, ‘you don’t have to be sick to get better.’ We work every day with exceptional people in healthcare who are raising the bar on leadership.

Lee Angus
President of MEDI Leadership