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Healthcare CAO Rebekah Fincher on being impactful in her role.

Healthcare CEO Matt Troup on foundational leadership principles for a healthcare executive leadership training program.

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  • I selected MEDI to customize the leadership development process for each member of the executive team. The results of higher performing leaders with strategic alignment around our key initiatives will allow UMass Memorial to continue to lead in an even more complex, dynamic time for the healthcare industry. They are leaders in medical executive training.

    Patricia Webb
  • When you invest in developing the leadership of an organization, you are really making an investment in each and every single member of that organization, in people. My healthcare executive coaching experience with MEDI has given me a greater self-awareness which has been instrumental in my ability to close the gap between perceptions of my leadership style and my intentions. It has helped me to develop the essential tools needed to develop trust within professional relationships so that intentions are more visible allowing me to be a considerably greater effective leader and mentor to others. Investing my time in coaching has reinforced that repetition and consistency are the keys to success for any new behavior.

    Monika Mathur, MD
    Chief Medical Officer, Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Alliance
  • To help us elevate our leadership, I chose MEDI Leadership for two reasons. First, their bench of coaches is impressive, from various former healthcare executives to executive coaches with decades of healthcare executive coaching experience. Second, their approach is very practical. They impart principles and brainstorm approaches that are accretive to our daily work, making the experience not only immediately impactful, but also relevant to long-term sustainable leadership growth.

    Mark Mugiishi, MD, FACS
    Executive Vice President and Chief Health Officer
  • Prior to my MEDI Leadership coaching experience, I had a coach from another organization. MEDI was completely different. They went deeper, helping me to transform my leadership posture. Since working with MEDI Leadership, my professional and personal life have come into balance, and I’m certain I would not have accomplished all that I did without the guidance and relationship with my MEDI coach.

    Jayme Pu'u
    V.P. Internal Affairs, HMSA

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7 Steps to Lead From Compliance to Commitment

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Growing Your Impact By Practicing “Heads Up” Leadership

When you’re hiking or walking through unfamiliar terrain, you need to alternate keeping your head up and keeping your head down if you don’t want to trip up, hurt yourself or others. If you never look down, you could step into a hole or miss a step and twist your ankle. If you never look...
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When Strong Teams Struggle: Navigating Evolving Team Dynamics

A few years ago, I experienced a strange paradox. Despite our rich expertise as MEDI Leadership coaches, our internal team dynamics were suffering. To be clear, each team member was wonderful. And yet, our internal dynamics… not so much. Seeking a solution, I had to recognize we needed an external perspective — our own executive...
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