Why Physician Leadership Development?

The healthcare system is at a transformational stage, with the mandate to produce better outcomes, better quality, and better service at a lower cost. Caring for patients and managing a clinical practice can be complex and is very different than entering the realm of the senior executive suite, and hospitals and physicians groups must engage physicians with leadership qualities and prepare them to lead staff into the new realm of healthcare. Why is it important to engage in a Physician Leadership Services program with MEDI?

  • It will help to ensure your health transformation strategy will be successful.

  • It broadens the physician's perspective of the importance of physician leadership during transformational times

  • It transforms the culture of the organization by increasing trust, effectiveness, and collaboration between physicians and administrators and promotes success of multidisciplinary team initiatives.

  • It improves the organizations performance: profits, customer satisfaction, market share, employee morale and delivery of care

MEDI is uniquely able to help your physicians make this significant career transition. First, our coaches understand the inner workings of the executive suite and the healthcare industry. As System CEOs, COOs and consultative partners, we have an in-depth appreciation for the senior leadership role and provide critical insight necessary in making this transition.