Why MEDI Leadership?

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Accelerating higher performance is what we do.

Transforming healthcare requires transformational leadership. Getting there cannot happen without focused collaboration between executives, physicians and other clinical leaders. MEDI Leadership is the catalyst for accelerating the development of exceptional leaders, teams and results. We empower executive and physician leaders to drive meaningful transformation and improve performance throughout the organization.

MEDI Leadership is the nation’s largest and most experienced executive coaching firm dedicated exclusively to the health care industry. MEDI coaches are known and respected industry experts with a unique blend of healthcare leadership and coaching experience. They understand how the engine runs. Positive leadership change creates a more positive healthcare experience for patients. The more positive the impact on patients, the greater the results for your organization’s performance.

The MEDI Leadership Model

Positive, sustained results in high-performance organizations can only come from one resource. People. With MEDI, an enhanced sense of self-awareness and strong ties between your leadership strategy and business strategy create a strong foundation for success. MEDI’s successful leadership impact curve is the force that accelerates your performance.

Effective Leaders Accelerate Organizational Performance

It is considered an intensive engagement model, with the coach working alongside clients in addressing real-world leadership challenges. The program is typically a nine to 12-month engagement, allowing for reflection, practice and true leadership transformation. There are regular coaching sessions designed to apply leadership competencies, evaluate progress against your goals and produce desirable and sustainable behavior changes.

MEDI Leadership clients become highly-effective leaders who actively engage others to drivemeaningful transformation and achieve sustainable results.

High-Performing Team Transformation

This leadership coaching program is specifically designed for executive and clinical teams desiring to improve their collective effectiveness, and accelerate exceptional organizational performance. The MEDI Leadership method is a flexible and customized approach in response to the organization’s identified goals and a diagnosis of current team dynamics.

Team coaching with MEDI Leadership typically comprises a six to 12-month engagement. This allows for reflection, practice and transformation to a cohesive, high-performing team. Key components of the program include the following.

Cohort-based Coaching

This unique program creates an experiential adult learning process that engages a cohort of current, emerging and/or prospective physician and other clinical leaders in the behavioral competencies required for effective leadership. It is a flexible, customized program designed to meet the needs and strategic priorities of the organization. MEDI coaches tailor the program’s content to the unique leadership development needs of the members of the cohort. Here are the key aspects of the cohort-based program.