What Makes MEDI Unique?

As physicians, patient care is naturally their passion and they are good at it. Yet, the realities of managing a group practice or managing the transformations in healthcare require skills in leading and managing people that were not included in medical school curriculum. MEDI has developed a process that will bridge the gap between those skills as physicians and their potential as leaders.

Our process not only develops physician leaders, but it also identifies high-potential individuals for specific and targeted development for current and/or future roles. The process is based on behavioral competencies specific to physician leaders and focuses on leadership rather than management competencies.

What makes the program most successful is its flexible, customized approach for both the individual and the organization. Going much beyond courses, it utilizes multiple methods for development, such as interactive sessions, assessment, feedback sessions, and actionable plans. The program also includes a short- and long-term physician leadership development strategy for the organization to ensure future success.