The MEDI Leadership Model

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We walk with you

A MEDI Leadership coaching engagement creates a safe, confidential place for growth as a leader. The first step of your MEDI Leadership coaching engagement is the creation of a leadership profile to learn more about the ways you manage and navigate your personal and professional life. Not only will it be invaluable to your MEDI Leadership coach moving forward, it will help you understand the strengths you can build upon as well as areas that need more focus. By having a more discerning view of yourself, you’ll be able to see more clearly how others see you.

The way we get there is by walking together, traversing through your day-to-day challenges, opportunities and all the little things that make the life of a leader interesting. Through customized, scientific assessments, situational exercises and analysis of key moments, you’ll develop a better understanding of your purpose, passion and values.

This process influences how you see your profile and goals play out in a real life professional scenario. Timely check-ins and discussions of specific issues and areas of concern position you to better manage challenges and use your new leadership tools and “muscle” to chart new courses to success.

Let’s take a closer look at the four phases of the MEDI Leadership Model in action.

Coaching Chemistry

Developing a clear understanding of your organizational needs is the first step. Coaches identify the specific goals, objectives and outcomes for the coaching engagement. At this point, we identify the member of the coaching team who is best suited for your individual leadership and organizational needs.

Discovery and Building Self-Awareness

Your leader, or leaders, complete scientifically validated assessment tools, with extensive 360 interviews and input from the client’s sponsor/supervisor, and exercises to promote a heightened level of self-awareness. This process recognizes the impact of the leader’s style on the individuals and groups they lead and work with. The process is built from the inside out, with the coach focusing first on the leader, then moving to the team, followed by the organization and other customers – with the singular goal of the leader’s success.

Building and Implementing a Coaching Plan

In this phase, we assess where things are and develop a plan for where you want to be. Specific goals and measures are defined and agreed upon. A customized action plan is put into place. The coach supports the leader in identifying and building core strengths, personal purpose and professional vision.

Ongoing Support

MEDI Leadership offers a unique experiential learning model, applying leadership concepts that use real business challenges.

We often ask: “What’s in front of you today?” The MEDI Leadership Model serves as a source of support while helping the leader create sustained and positive change.

The coach and client work together to evaluate progress and adjust course, as needed. The objective is to help you take your leadership to the next level. This is not simply a leadership development or training program. Coaching is a continuously accelerating vehicle for increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of your performance. MEDI Leadership coaching leverages the latest research in human behavior and adult learning to help senior healthcare leaders effectively reach higher levels of performance.

Wrap-up and Evaluation

As the coaching engagement nears completion, the coach, the client/leader and the organizational sponsor evaluate progress and discuss ways to not only sustain but enhance the progress already realized the coaching process.

The health care industry continues to face complex challenges that demand a continuum of development in leadership skills and acumen. MEDI clients often choose to extend their coaching contract engagement to focus on additional areas of opportunity and challenge in order to achieve even higher levels of performance. Clients find they appreciate having someone they can trust – to bounce ideas, and to engage in confidential discussions. Having a professional who knows their approach to leadership and the areas in which they are working toward future success is a great benefit.