MEDI Testimonials

MEDI, an executive coaching and leadership development firm, specializes in providing executive coaching, leadership development, and physician leadership training for the healthcare industry. We have helped many healthcare organizations enhance the leadership skills of their executives and physician leaders. Following are just a few of the things our clients have to say about MEDI.

"More and more CEOs are employing a tool which has been used successfully by business leaders such as Jack Welch and sports figures such as Tiger Woods ... professional coaches. As Tiger redefined what it takes to win a golf tournament, Jack Welch established a higher expected performance level for corporate CEOs, so must today's hospital or health system CEO find ways to grow to the next level."
Don Hutton, Founder, Morgan Executive Development Institute

"When I was first introduced to the concept of an executive coach I was a little unsure how the process would help me take my leadership to the next level. After having an executive coach I can't imagine why I did not seek one years ago"
Debbie Linnes, Past President and CEO of St. John's Regional Health System

"Moving into a new role was a big transition both personally and professionally. Building new leadership skills was essential because what got me to this point wouldn't always be useful in the future. The systematic process my Executive Coach used helped me accelerate the transition into my new CEO role and become a more successful leader at a whole new level."
Peter Banko, President and CEO of St. Vincent Health System – Little Rock

"UMass Memorial Healthcare is a leading healthcare organization with dedicated leaders who are not only interested in learning but are committed to achieving higher performance and results. As the Chief Human Resources Officer, I selected MEDI to customize the leadership development process for each member of the executive team. The results of higher performing leaders with strategic alignment around our key initiatives will allow UMass Memorial to continue to lead in an even more complex, dynamic time for the healthcare industry."
Patricia Webb, MBA, Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer of UMass Memorial Healthcare

"Understanding great leadership is much easier than exercising it. I know of no leader that in some way and at some point didn't struggle with the challenge of translating concepts into behavior, and leaders aspiring to great leadership recognize that they need help in getting there. MEDI is one of the very few organizations that intentionally, practically, and deeply helps leaders embed sound leadership concepts into their practice as leaders. Their coaching methodology is second to none, and their very intentional and effective investment in leaders is one I strongly recommend and support."
Antony Bell, CEO/President of LeaderDevelopment, Inc.

"As a seasoned healthcare executive with almost thirty years of experience, I was amazed at the self-awareness and insights which became evident as a result of my coaching experience. The process really did add some new tricks to an old dog which improved my performance and leadership! I entered as a coaching client to find out what was the "buzz" among my colleagues. I couldn't have imagined the insights that I received about me, and my relationships to them and to the organization. I thought I knew it all, it was obviously not the case! A very worthwhile experience that improved my leadership and organizational effectiveness!"
Andrew W. Allen, Former Operating Group President of Ascension Health

“I've really enjoyed the MEDI leadership program. This has given me an opportunity to evaluate my own leadership abilities and interactions with others. I've never been involved in a program like this but it has given me real insight into my strengths and areas I need to develop. It really has helped me be more comfortable dealing with daily conflict management issues which arise. It also has helped my analyze management styles of others around me and to compare their effectiveness. Thanks again for all you help.”
Kevin A. Martin, MD

“Since I have been in a leadership role for most of my career, I have not had much opportunity for feedback. This program allowed my staff to give me feedback without perceived consequences. This invaluable experience taught me to be a little more vulnerable and to work to achieve more variety in my leadership style. Happy Holidays to you and your family.”
Tina-Ann Thompson, MD

“I feel that the program and lectures have allowed me to grow as a leader. The program has helped me define some of my strengths and weaknesses, the latter which I am working to improve. The MEDI program has also allowed me to better define my “Leadership Style” and I think I can utilize this style and approach better.”
Mark J. Fleschler, MD, FACP

“I think the MEDI Physician Leadership Program has been such an amazing experience. We have all learned different ways to communicate to get thru to the people you are working with. It has also been a great learning experience to reflect within yourself to be mindful or your shortcomings & to work on ways to overcome those. Don, Tara, Lara & others have been such an integral part of this program by being so well versed in tough situations & so easy to approach. Thanks so much for such an awesome experience.”
Pam Kufahl

“I have worked with MEDI over the past 1.5 years on physician leadership development strategy and implementation programs. I find the firm to be very easy to work with, at the leading edge of physician leadership training, and always on schedule – besides that they’re a fun group to work with, since they’re optimistic about the future of physician roles in healthcare reform and they believe that skilled physician leadership can make a crucial difference for patients in the years to come. I have personally learned a great deal from the wealth of experience they bring in the arena of assessment tools and how such tools can be used to focus on areas of personal growth opportunity.”
Cynthia Sherry, MD

“I found the MEDI Physicians Lead! program to be a step in the right direction for my leadership growth. The engaging interactive sessions were effective and enjoyable.“
Mike Fawcett, MD

“With the help of my Executive Coach, I have gained confidence, independent decision making, and the courage to overcome obstacles to become a better leader.“
Renee Engler, MD, Chief of Staff, Great Plains Health

“As a result of our work with MEDI, our medical group Board is operating more efficiently and effectively. We have developed a strong foundation, better relationships and have gained clarity around our roles and responsibilities. Personally, the coaching I received as the Board Chair has helped me become more aware of my strengths and areas to work on as a leader. I have enhanced my leadership abilities and am much more comfortable navigating the complexities of governance. The coaching helped accelerate my learning and performance as a new Board Chair as well as a leader in my practice.“
Daniel Cuozzo, DO, Chair, Beebe Medical Group, Delaware

“The return on investment from the physician leadership coaching I have received from MEDI is unmeasurable. When you invest in developing the leadership of an organization, you are really making an investment in each and every single member of that organization. My coaching experience has given me a greater self-awareness which has been instrumental in closing the gap between intentions and perceptions. It has helped me to develop the essential tools needed to develop trust within professional relationships so that intentions are more visible allowing me to be a considerably greater effective leader and mentor to others. Investing the time in coaching has reinforced that repetition and consistency are the keys to success for any new behavior.“
Monika Mathur, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Alliance

“As physicians, we spend the better part of a decade learning to be competent at the practice of medicine, but then somewhat ironically assume that the skills of leadership will divinely find us as we advance in our careers. In reality, leadership stands as its own field imperative to study. When I accepted the roles of Medical Director and Chair of Medical Services these positions did not come with a manual for how to influence people and effect change. Moreover, no one pulled me aside to teach me about myself as a leader and how I could leverage my personal strengths. The past year working with MEDI has been integral to my growth as a leader and the acquired skills have greatly aided my ability to improve safety and cost-effectiveness within my organization. Additionally, my growth through coaching and subsequent success has opened advancement opportunities within my organization.

As an EM physician sitting as the Chair of Medical Services at my hospital, I was faced with several challenging organizational barriers, personalities and power dynamics that served as road blocks to our hospital's progress. Though my 1-year program with MEDI, I was able to use my struggles in real time to learn more about myself as a leader and how to leverage my strengths to create the desired coordinated movement we needed. This has translated to better organizational performance both in safety and cost-effectiveness.“
Bradford Commons, MD, Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Alliance

“My MEDI Coach uses real life situations to help me learn and I like that approach. It’s like reviewing or planning an upcoming operation with someone who is experienced and willing to critique as well as offer practical advice. As a surgeon, I am trained to identify the problem and fix it myself. Your mentoring has taught me the value of delegation. I went from saying “I did it” after an operation to watching my team say “we did it ourselves” after a successful project. Very gratifying.“
Whitney Limm, MD, EVP Clinical Integration, Chief Physician Executive, Queen's Health System

The opportunity to work with MEDI has been extraordinary. The process has helped me to identify critical strengths and growth needs that are focused on increasing my effectiveness as a leader. The initial assessment provided me with a new and very specific level of awareness of my leadership style. We were able to identify several targeted areas of focus and my coach assisted me in creating strategies to address them. Putting those strategies in play has not always been easy, but it has produced exceptional results. The process has allowed me to understand myself in an entirely new way. The enthusiastic feedback I’ve received from my constituent is a great motivator!
Cynda Tipple, COO, Prince William Hospital - Novant Health

I found my coaching experience very valuable-- it was perhaps the real eye opener which helped me to understand why sometimes people may not understand or may misinterpret my intentions. I gained real introspection and tools which helped so very much. The value is there but also you have to be willing to give the time and to reflect on the material covered and then you must value it as a real opportunity and not a burden or you will not realize the potential benefit. It is a lot of time but it also was truly worth it as I did believe it was for my benefit and was a "safe" place where real issues could be shared. There is plenty to be gained but you have to have an open mind -- to me, if you are creating excuses before even starting you are making a statement that you may not truly be in it to win it.
Dr. Bill Shillinglaw, Trauma Surgeon, Mission Health System & Hospital

After scoring D’s on my physician burnout test, I knew I was in trouble. By the time I met my coach, I had already spent considerable time searching for help on my own on how to prevent burnout. I already felt I was doing everything I could to make things better - but none of it was working. My coaching brought about a meaningful transformation for me, personally and professionally. One can’t undo years of the indoctrination of a perfectionist mindset in a few hour class. It was not always easy, but with my coach’s patience, skill and encouragement, I discovered what my unique values were, and then began restructuring my life based on those values. Being a physician is not merely a profession, it’s a way of life. And that way of life has to encompass and enrich those that we love. I think coaching should be mandatory for residents and practicing physicians, no matter what specialty. The potential it can reap is priceless.
Maria DeMario, DO, Newtown Square, PA

I recently participated in MEDI’s physician leadership program. I had some reservation about the value of the MEDI program given that I had already completed a different year-long program, but after a few sessions I came to appreciate the opportunity even more as this program is definitely complementary in nature. Using a Venn diagram analogy, the 2 programs certainly overlap in intent but not in content. One aspect of MEDI’s program that is significantly different from the other program is the availability of a dedicated coach during this process. My coach has helped me make the transition from acquiring knowledge to implementing it. Whereas the other program did an excellent job of providing new knowledge, it did not fare well in assisting me with the real world application of this knowledge -- this is a deficiency that I had not even been aware of until my participation in the MEDI physician leadership program. I highly recommend MEDI’s physician leadership program. I am quite confident that any physician, including others who have graduated from other programs as I have, will gain further insights and additional tools for their leadership toolbox.
Physician, Honolulu, HI

Executive coaching with MEDI has been the single most important and beneficial development activity I've done in my career. Even returning to school for an MBA paled in comparison to the benefits I achieved from executive coaching. When I started the coaching process I was very frustrated because I was having a difficult time relating to some of my coworkers, and in a relatively short period of time, I was no longer frustrated and was excelling. Coaching delivers far beyond anything I could have learned in a classroom. At times, coaching can be painful because the level of introspection required to make real changes is difficult, but the rewards are incomparable. My Coach knew that I needed an authentic solution for my challenges. She helped me realize that I could relate genuinely to people with whom I had little in common. What a gift.
Human Resources Officer, Dallas, TX