Team Leadership Development

The investment in executive coaching for healthcare executives and physicians has reaped huge benefits for organizations. When a valued healthcare leader is able to more fully unlock his or her potential, organizations become more productive and the environment becomes more conducive for creativity and higher performance. While each individual can make a difference, it is more likely, particularly in healthcare, that every member of the team must be connected and aligned to achieve complex organizational goals.

When the team doesn't perform well, neither does the organization. MEDI's healthcare team leadership development forms positive, productive teams.

There are several things that affect a team's performance. Oftentimes, strong individual leaders function independently when they are a part of a senior leadership team. This doesn't optimize the leader's or the team's performance. Instead, it can create or perpetuate impenetrable silos or communication voids that are barriers to the success of an organization.

Teams are challenged with the greatest amount of fluctuation, particularly in the healthcare industry. Senior executives frequently change positions. It shifts the team dynamics.

MEDI can assess the senior team to help them learn:

  • The individual styles of team members

  • The dynamic interaction between team members

  • How to identify and shift team behaviors that compromise effective decision-making and decision execution

  • The impact of team performance on organizational success

  • How to build a team infrastructure that withstands change

Our leadership development plan for healthcare teams helps them become a vehicle to get the work of the organization accomplished while building and sustaining relationships.

Improving Performance with an Executive Coach

Executive coaching can enhance leadership development for the individual and the organization.
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