The MEDI Physician Leadership Development Process

Equally as important to helping with career transition is the actual leadership development process. There are many Executive Coaching models, yet not all models produce the outcomes necessary to permit physicians to make the shifts that permit them to be effective leaders.

MEDI's program is based on cutting edge leadership research. The process is two-fold:

We assess:
First we systematically help our clients build a comprehensive understanding of their strengths as leaders while identifying those behaviors that will create barriers to success. Using our intense pre-coaching process, the client and coach team is equipped with very specific insights about your leadership behaviors, communication style, conflict tolerance, and more.

We enhance:
Second, through a process that allows for both objective and subjective validation, the client-coach team learns what is factual and collaborates to identify the key components of a customized physician leadership development plan. After an action plan is generated, the MEDI coach supports the physician through routine contacts (face to face visits as well as regularly scheduled calls) to develop the leadership skills needed to enhance and advance their career.

The program has three phases:

Phase I: High Potential Assessment
This is a full program, offering comprehensive leadership assessment for multiple competencies and success factors, as well as multiple methods of assessment. It is scientific, yet accessible and flexible—process organizations can actually use—yet tailored to the specific needs of the organization via a collaborative process.

Phase II: Leadership Education & Training
This phase provides a framework for effective leadership, where individuals discover their leadership strengths, styles and developmental needs. The program uses the current environment as a learning ground for application of learning in context, with real-world examples and interaction with other physicians and administration around leadership.

Phase III: Individual Executive Coaching
The objectives for this phase are for physicians to understand the art of leadership, discover their leadership traits and styles, and help them discover how to raise the bar on their leadership effectiveness, as well as keep them interested in learning and intentional in leading. This phase is targeted, based on the individual's needs using MEDI's proving coaching process and utilizing data collected in the first two Phases. We will create individual coaching goals designed to build leadership skills for the individual's position.