Physician Executive Leaders

What got you here, won’t get you there

Physician Leadership

Physicians are expanding their roles from within the clinical care setting into the C-suite. Physicians, and other clinical leaders are highly sought after for key leadership positions throughout the healthcare industry.

New leadership and behavioral competencies are needed for these roles leaving some physicians under prepared as they are now responsible for transformational leadership and building stronger strategic relationships. Often, medical school training, business education programs and even internal leadership development programs are not designed in a way to develop the capability from within the physician to drive large-scale change throughout the organization and build stronger strategic relationships with other providers, payers, employers and consumers.

MEDI Leadership coaches work with the physician executive leader(s) to build new competencies in innovative and transformational thinking, constructive conflict, strategic decision-making, creating accountability, building trust and producing consistent outcomes. It’s also important for a physician leader to freely solicit feedback and learn how to better harness their referent power and influence with others.

At MEDI Leadership, we often will say that ‘knowing and doing’ are two different things. Executive leaders need to apply those new leadership competencies using real-world scenarios of what is in front of them today to be able to achieve sustained behavior change.

Physician Leadership Program by MEDI Leadership

You can build your physician leaders from within your organization and not have the issue of a long delay or highly-competitive recruitment process. The MEDI Leadership Method™ often reveals high potential physician leaders who might be good candidates for an additional investment in more intensive or individual coaching and development. These programs are often

MEDI Leadership coaches will work with you to build a cohort-based program that offers a flexible and customized approach using a combination of didactic, or interactive, learning sessions and individual coaching.

MEDI Leadership coaches are former healthcare executives, organizational development professionals, psychologists, and clinicians. Many have sat in the seat of being a physician and a healthcare executive. Finding the right coach for you doesn’t always mean they have to be a physician. We work with you based on your goals and the goals of the organization to find the right coach for you.

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