MEDI's Executive Coaching Program is Tailor-made for Today's Healthcare Executive and Physician Leader

The foundations of the program have been used successfully in other industries, but we have modified the MEDI executive coaching program to address the unique traits of healthcare leaders. From the initial process of gathering data to the final evaluation, the MEDI coaching process is uniquely designed to maximize performance results for the healthcare executive and physician.

Our Approach to Executive Coaching

All MEDI coaches have healthcare experience as CEOs or other executive level positions. It is our belief that, in order for an executive coach to collaborate with an executive or physician leader, they must have contextual knowledge of the industry and the position. Our coaches have on average more than 20 years of experience as healthcare executives.

MEDI uses two coaches when working with senior level executives and physicians. The use of two coaches enables them to benefit from the insight of two seasoned individuals and enables the coaches to move them to higher levels.

The MEDI coaching program has five (5) components:

Executive Coaching Accelerates Performance to Six Sigma Levels

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Personal Best: Coaches Help CEOs Reach New Heights

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