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MEDI coaches bring forward a significant amount of experience to their clients’ coaching journey. But not only do we have significant knowledge and application of coaching and leadership, we bring deep experiences from and exposure to the healthcare industry. Learn from our coaches, who lead from the intersection of healthcare and leadership.

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White Papers

Leadership and Work-life Integration

One of the most pervasive issues for executive leaders is the struggle to achieve work-life integration. MEDI Leadership Executive Coach Robert Porter provides some practical steps to take control of your life. Learn about his observations about patterns of behavior that have proven effective in improving work-life integration for successful healthcare leaders. Click the image...
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A Common Table

More and more frequently, physicians are stepping into leadership roles in hospitals and health systems. In fact, many observers predict health system CEOs in the future will be predominantly physicians. To succeed in healthcare, it’s important that leadership teams to find a way for physicians and executives to come together as partners. MEDI Leadership Executive...
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Blog Posts

If The Shoe Fits: A Leadership Lesson from Cinderella

We all know the story of Cinderella – the orphaned girl turned slave by her evil stepmother who eventually won the heart of the prince and became a princess: Eligible maidens of the kingdom were invited to the wife-selection ball to compete for the attention of the prince and the chance to become the princess....
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Staying the Course: A Leader’s Guide to Garnering Feedback

Leaders are often thought of as successful people who are where they are because they are highly-skilled. Most likely they’ve climbed the “ladder,” leveraging feedback from events, peers, and supervisors to learn and adjust over time. And now, they have “arrived.” So, do those who have arrived in a leadership position need to continue to...
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