Individual Leadership Development

Leadership development for the individual is called "coaching." MEDI individual leadership development focuses on coaching the individual healthcare executive or physician leader, and success is achieved through an individual coaching process, including goal setting, ongoing assessments, and acquiring new leadership skills and behavioral competencies.

Healthcare Leadership Development and Growth

Successful healthcare executive and physician leaders recognize that challenge and change are constants in their personal and professional lives. They continue to look for ways to improve their performance and the performance of their colleagues, their teams, and their organizations. Sustaining current success and meeting new challenges require ongoing evaluation and clarification of goals and actions. The MEDI executive coaching program offers executive and physician leadership development that helps executive and physician leaders and teams develop and execute strategies and actions that take their performance to that next level. In today's competitive environment, organizations with the strong and adaptive leadership have a decided advantage over their competitors.

Improving Performance with an Executive Coach

Executive and physician coaching can enhance leadership development for an individual and organization.

  • You learn your leadership strengths and the behaviors that create barriers for you

  • You learn your communication style and its impact on others

  • You learn your approach to conflict and its effect on your career

The MEDI process helps you become powerfully self-aware, allowing us to customize a leadership development program to focus on the areas that are right for you. Through systematic work and accountability, you work through "real life" situations, practicing the new skills you need to be more successful as a healthcare leader.

Executive coaching enhances leadership development for an individual. Starting with the individual leader, the MEDI executive coaching process provides the opportunity for deep self-exploration.
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