Step 5: Evaluation

As the coaching engagement winds down, the MEDI coaches and the executive or physician work together to conduct an evaluation of what has been achieved during the coaching process.

With MEDI's approach to executive and physician coaching, success is determined by progress in reaching established goals and feedback. To measure progress, the stakeholders are interviewed at the end of the coaching engagement, just like at the beginning. This feedback is used to measure improvement in the executive or physician's leadership to identify areas that may need further improvement. MEDI's approach provides a true measurement of success.

Behavioral Competencies

An article in the Health Forum, written by Don Hutton and Steve Moulton, states, "Behavioral competencies don't always get the recognition given to more traditional management skills. But it's clear that such attributes as leadership, integrity, and dealing with pressure are crucial to successfully leading an organization. A survey of industry leaders indicates general consensus that competencies such as respect, team building and decisiveness are important. But other attributes get short shrift when research indicates they are actually key to CEO success. These include collaboration, innovation and continuous learning, risk taking and work-life balance..."
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