Physician Leadership Development

Physicians are essential to healthcare management. More and more physician leaders are making the decisions that have been made by non-clinical leaders.

At MEDI, we understand the importance of this shift in healthcare management, and through effective physician leadership development, we can help physicians build the critical leadership skills necessary to be successful.

Caring for patients and managing your clinical practice can be complex and is very different than entering the realm of the senior executive suite. MEDI's physician coaches are uniquely able to help physicians make this significant career transition. First, our physician coaches understand the inner workings of the executive suite. As System CEOs, COOs and consultative partners, we have an in-depth appreciation for the senior leadership role and provide you with the critical insight and physician leadership skills you need.

MEDI will help make a bigger impact on your career

Equally important to helping your career transition is the actual leadership development process. There are many executive coaching models, yet not all models produce the outcomes you need and deserve.

MEDI's physician leadership development program is based on cutting edge leadership research. We systematically help our clients build a comprehensive understanding of their strengths as leaders. Likewise, we help you focus on those behaviors that will create barriers to success. Using our intense pre-coaching process, the client and coach team is equipped with very specific insights about your leadership behaviors, communication style, conflict tolerance, and more.

Through a process that allows for both objective and subjective validation, the client-coach team learns what is factual and collaborates to identify the key components of your customized physician leadership development plan. After an action plan is generated, your MEDI coach supports you through routine contacts (face to face visits as well as regularly scheduled calls) to develop the leadership skills needed to enhance and advance your career.

Physician practice is a big business and requires many different leadership skills

Physician practice is a big business and requires many different leadership skills

MEDI's physician executive coaches have ACTUALLY been healthcare executives. They are business people who know and are familiar with all the demands, challenges and rewards of managing healthcare organizations. By collaborating with MEDI's coaches, you are able to get first-hand knowledge of our physician leadership services so that you are able to move your practice (and your physician partners) forward faster.

MEDI is uniquely able to develop strong physician leaders

Physicians are critical partners to any healthcare organization's success. Their voice is essential to the senior leadership team. In fact, doctors need to be at the decision-making table. MEDI's coaches help to foster opportunity to build the physician's leadership acumen so that they can more effectively contribute to their organization's success.

Our coaches are experts in developing leaders AND they all have experience working at the senior level in healthcare organizations. Based on the research, the two most important factors to selecting an effective executive coaching partner are the coach's contextual knowledge of the industry and the coach's working knowledge of the role.

MEDI also has a proven leadership development process. Contact us so we can help you build the leadership capabilities of your entire executive team through collaboration and alignment with your physician leaders.