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MEDI Leadership was founded in 2000 and is the largest executive coaching firm in the nation dedicated tothe healthcare industry. The MEDI Leadership coaching team is comprised of 20+ executive coaches located throughout the nation who draw upon decades of internationally-acclaimed leadership expertise.  MEDI Leadership offers a variety of customized coaching programs primarily for health care executives and physicians, teams and cohorts. The entire healthcare industry is facing significant changes and transformation and MEDI Leadership is dedicated to accelerating higher performance in our current and future healthcare leaders.

MEDI Leadership is a subsidiary of Navvis located in St. Louis, Missouri.  Navvis is a healthcare growth and diversification company solving the volume and value paradox healthcare leaders face today.  Navvis solutions help health care organizations grow revenue while at the same time reducing costs and volume. Navvis provides technology-enabled managed solutions that drives outcomes for populations under risk contracts including Medicare Advantage lives.  Navvis strategically improves Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), provides an end-to-end, episode management and bundles in health systems and addresses issues in post-acute carefacilities and providers.



Executive Coaching

Designed for individual executive or physician leaders, the Executive Coaching Program offers individual coaching to accelerate leadership competence and confidence. The program develops highly-effective leaders who actively engage others to drive meaningful transformation and achieve sustainable results for the organization. This is high-performance leadership coaching to equip and empower health care executives and physician leaders to accelerate exceptional organizational performance.

This intensive model puts coaches and leaders side-by-side to tackle real-world leadership challenges. MEDI’s highly-confidential, one-on-one coaching is grounded in self-awareness and buildsing upon a leader’s individual strengths. A 9 to 12 month engagement facilitates practice, reflection and true leadership transformation. Through regularly scheduled sessions, coaches and clients will apply new leadership competencies, evaluate progress against stated goals and produce sustained behavioral change.

Team Coaching

This high-performance leadership coaching program is focused on executive and clinical teams to improve their collective effectiveness and accelerate exceptional performance for the organization. MEDI offers a flexible, customized approach built upon your organization’s identified goals and a diagnosis of current team dynamics. Team members will achieve a deeper understanding of how to leverage individual and collective strengths. In addition, team members will be better prepared to recognize blind spots that could impact group decision-making and effectiveness.

Individual team members will complete assessments, receive confidential individual debriefings with the coach and collaborate in the creation of an individual action plan. Group sessions are customized according to specific needs of the team, and the organization’s priorities and overall goals. Teams will then work together to learn how to build trust, engage in constructive conflict, and create a shared commitment and accountability for results.

Cohort-based Coaching

MEDI’s cohort coaching model is a cost-effective way to find new clinical leaders through talent discovery, review and development. It is an organic process that identifies high-potential physicians and other clinicians who may be ready for increased leadership roles and professional development. Through the cohort-based process, coaches accelerate collective learning and higher performance.

This flexible, customized approach is geared to meet the organization’s goals and strategic priorities. Coaches tailor the program content to the unique leadership development needs of cohort members. Leadership candidates complete personal assessments and receive confidential individualized reviews of results. MEDI coaches work with each individual within the cohort to strengthen their leadership effectiveness in real-time situations.