Lara Summers is an Executive Coach with MEDI. She provides executive leadership
coaching, as well as team and organizational alignment strategies to leaders. She
also partners with HR leaders to create and implement organization-wide leadership
development strategies that are aligned with organizational and talent management
goals. Although she has worked with companies across multiple industries, her
primary focus is in healthcare. Lara fluently combines universal leadership and
organizational change principles with the intricacies specific to the healthcare

Lara has provided executive coaching and team development services to healthcare
executives from the CEO to director level. She has worked with leaders to create
teams and departments that are engaged and aligned around a shared vision and
goal-driven outcomes. Lara has partnered with administrators and physician leaders
to bring forth large-scale change in hospitals and health systems, including
facilitating strategies for leaders to develop the necessary skills to effectively guide
clinical integration and physician alignment efforts and to actively manage cultural
barriers of resistance during change. In her executive coaching work, she also
provides leadership transition coaching where the focus is to maximize a leader’s
impact in the first 100 days and women’s leadership coaching, designed to
encompass leadership challenges that present uniquely for women.

Lara has an expertise in assessment and development. As an industrial and
organizational psychologist, she is skilled at developing, administering and
interpreting a wide range of reliable and valid instruments.

Lara received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Metropolitan State College of
Denver, and pursued Master’s and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Industrial
Organizational Psychology, Colorado State University.