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Connie Hein Photograph

Connie Hein

Executive Coach

Connie Hein, MEDI Leadership Coach, has deep experience in psychology and counseling. Connie believes that every adult encounters life/career issues. She holds the belief that the power of change comes not only with learning what untrue or negative messages people are believing about themselves, but also in the ability to rewrite those inner messages with a new and true script. Connie and her husband, Michael, are currently researching and advocating a Self-Care Theory they call “As Yourself”.

Connie works with leaders and adults as they journey through some of the transitions and road blocks in their lives and careers that are a result individual hurts, habits and/or hang ups.

Connie currently works on staff at Third City Christian Church in the capacity of Care-giver, Ministry Leader and Coach for attenders and staff of this large Mid-Nebraska Church. She has also spent time leading in Peer Coaching programs at First Evangelical Free Church in La Crosse, Wisconsin, The University of South Dakota and The State of South Dakota Drug and Alcohol Division.

Connie holds a MS Degree in Educational Psychology and Counseling with an emphasis on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Studies from The University of South Dakota and a BS Degree in Elementary and Middle School Education from St. Cloud State University. Connie is currently enrolled in The Hudson Institute Coach Certification program.