Choosing the Right Executive Coach

There are many good executive coaches doing business in today's marketplace; however, the difference between MEDI executive coaches and other coaches is their experience and expertise not only in coaching, but also an understanding of the healthcare industry. James Tally, Ph.D., President and CEO of Children's Healthcare Atlanta, also believes it comes down to personality: "It's important to find a good listener who will give you straightforward feedback." When you are looking for coaching services for healthcare executives and physician leaders, "Make sure the Coach has strong working knowledge of the industry." Mr. Tally also says, "Do enough background research to be confident that you are hiring the right person. Communicate your expectations to your coach up front, and discuss what you want to get out of the process. Have a conversation and see if your personalities match; you'll need to feel comfortable enough with this person to hold open, honest discussions about your performance."

Testimonial for MEDI Healthcare Executive Coaching

"Moving into a new role was a big transition both personally and professionally. Building new leadership skills was essential because what got me to this point wouldn't always be useful in the future. The systematic process my Executive Coach used helped me accelerate the transition into my new CEO role and become a more successful leader at a whole new level."
Peter Banko, President and CEO of St. Vincent's Health – Little Rock

Selecting an Executive Coach

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Do You Need Help in Selecting an Executive Coach?

Use this helpful checklist when selecting an executive coach.
Checklist when Selecting an Executive Coach

Effective Medical Leadership that Drives Increased Revenue

Hospitals and health systems are adept at developing effective strategic plans designed to drive the success of the organization. Meeting the full potential of the plan frequently depends on the ability and willingness of the medical staff to align with the plan and perform at a high level.
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