About Morgan Executive Development Institute

Morgan Executive Development Institute (MEDI) specializes in executive coaching and leadership development tailored for today's healthcare executive and physician leader.

In 2001, the founding partners of MEDI responded to a growing need in the healthcare industry. By combining 40 years of healthcare industry experience with 20 years of executive coaching and leadership development experience, they formed MEDI. More than just a leadership development firm or an executive coaching firm, MEDI is both—and much more. Since 2001, MEDI has been providing healthcare executives and physician leaders with tools to achieve their personal and professional potential through quality healthcare leadership training and physician leadership services.

MEDI is uniquely qualified to help executives and physicians in the healthcare industry achieve professional success. Unlike other executive coaching firms, MEDI is the only executive coaching firm that exclusively serves the healthcare industry, including leadership skills and succession planning.

MEDI's executive coaching and leadership development produce results for our clients

  • Expanded self-knowledge and awareness

  • Sustained measurable behavioral change and personal accountability

  • Strengthened interpersonal communications

  • Clarity of vision, values and purpose, and an engaging strategy for implementation

  • Clear personal and professional priorities and commitments

  • Powerful partnerships and alliances with all key stakeholder groups

  • Increased leadership effectiveness