About MEDI: Our Team of Professional and Experienced Executive Coaches

Suzanne Origlio, PhD

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Dr. Suzanne Origlio is a corporate psychologist who has been consulting with organizations for over twenty years. She has extensive knowledge of corporate culture and a deep understanding of what makes companies thrive as well as a proven track record of helping companies increase productivity and profit as a result of her work. Her areas of specialty include employee selection, individual assessment, leadership assimilation, coaching and development, team building, and career guidance.

Experience At A Glance:

  • 20 years working in the field of Industrial-Organizational Psychology

  • Has conducted hundreds of individual assessments for selection, promotion and career development

  • Seven years as an executive coach focused on leadership assimilation and feedback for interpersonal effectiveness

  • As an external consultant, advised business leaders and hiring managers in a wide variety of industries including telecommunications, banking, healthcare, restaurant, commercial construction, automotive, retail, and airline

  • Created leadership development programs and implemented culture change efforts in several large companies

  • Hands-on experience analyzing job requirements, creating competency models and performance measurement systems

  • Presentations to employee and leadership groups, technical and soft skills training, team building and employee workshops

  • Twenty years providing career guidance and job search coaching


  • Doctoral and Master’s degrees in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Georgia Institute of Technology

  • Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, University of Florida

  • MentorCoach, LLC training (31 hours)

Affiliations & Membership

  • American Psychological Association

  • Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

  • Society of Consulting Psychology (Division 13 of APA)

Publications & Presentations

  • How Personality Affects Your Impact as a Leader – January, 2012

  • Fundamentals of Leadership: Lessons from Workplace Psychology – March, 2014

  • People Power-How to Hire & Keep the Best: Tools to Help You Select and Retain High Performers in Your Organization – March, 2012

  • Conflict Resolution for Managers: A Model for Enhancing Relationships – May, 2011

  • Increasing Employee Engagement: How You Can Help Your Employees Be More Satisfied & Achieve More at Work – July 2011

What Surprises Suzanne: When people don’t put in the effort or give it their best.

What Inspires Suzanne: someone to uncover hidden strengths and succeed at something that they didn’t think they could do.

How Suzanne Stays Current on Industry Trends: By reading what clients read about their businesses, attending conferences and industry meetings, asking a lot of questions when talking to people about how the trends are affecting them.

How Suzanne Stays Current in the Field of Leadership: Keeping up with former classmates, conducting research for presentations, working on projects with colleagues.

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