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Atlanta, GA

Healthcare has always been complicated. Sabrina understands the complexities of the business from multiple perspectives – manager, executive and even as a clinical care provider. With the industry at the height of intense change, stakes are also the highest. Being good is no longer enough. Today’s leaders will redefine healthcare in America. Knowing this, Sabrina structures a highly engaged process to help leaders examine their core convictions and build capacity in utilizing and building upon their talents to create organizations that thrive robustly.

Experience At A Glance:

  • 20+ years of leadership in private, public and academic institutions

  • 10+years as a certified coach, NCHL certification, TCI certification

  • Leaders in Transition, Clinical Executives, and First-time in role Executives

Affiliations & Membership

  • Fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives

  • National Association of Health Services Executives

  • Female Healthcare Leaders in the United States

  • National Association of Female Executives

What Surprises Sabrina: How much we know about ourselves, and how little we use this knowledge to guide our lives.

What Inspires Sabrina: The awesomeness of the sun setting….every time!

How Sabrina Stays Current on Industry Trends: Brookings Institute and Aspen Institute. I spend time examining best practices in delivery models and the leadership that creates them, as well. On my radar is how LEAN is really being used to transform healthcare, as well as how it is not. And, the work of a myriad of progressive clients is my greatest source of "in the trenches" information.

How Sabrina Stays Current in the Field of Leadership: The HBR, and everything I can get my hand on about Power.

E-Mail: sashannon@medi-leadership.org
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