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Robert Porter, JD, MBA

St. Louis, MO

Bob Porter has served in leadership roles in the healthcare industry for over 30 years. His responsibilities have ranged from strategy to operations to the role of president and CEO of a single hospital and multi-hospital integrated delivery system. His leadership style reflects his passionate commitment to building a values based culture deeply skilled in innovation and collaboration. Bob brings a deep personal commitment to helping lead the much needed transformation of America’s health care system by building the capacity of physician and administrative leaders to collaborate in the hard work of fundamental redesign. As a member of the MEDI team, he brings a unique combination of experience and expertise to clients who share his passion for innovation and transformation.

Experience At A Glance:

  • 30 years as a leader in the healthcare industry

  • 25 years healthcare experience

  • Diverse healthcare background


  • Bachelor of Industrial Administration, General Motors Institute (now Kettering University), 1978

  • Master of Business Administration, Stanford University, 1982

  • Juris Doctorate, Stanford University, 1982

What Surprises Bob: The creativity and capacity of people to come together around a common goal and accomplish breakthrough improvement when the right conditions for collaboration and innovation are in place.

What Inspires Bob: The opportunity to work with high performing teams dedicated to assuring that patients and their family members consistently receive high quality, compassionate, and efficient care, regardless of their life circumstances.

How Bob Stays Current on Industry Trends:

  • Maintaining contact with a broad network of thought leaders both in and out of health care

  • Regular review of and contribution to industry literature and attendance/participation in industry conferences.

  • Active listening to continue to refresh my understanding of the experiences of clients across the country

How Bob Stays Current in the Field of Leadership: Similarly to what is stated above, regular interaction with thought leaders in and out of the field and through regular review of emerging ideas and concepts through the literature.

E-Mail: rporter@medi-leadership.org
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