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Lara Summers

New York City, NY

Lara Summers is an experienced leadership and organization development specialist, skilled at designing and delivering innovative and state of the art leadership development solutions. She has partnered with HR leaders to create and implement organization-wide strategies that build the leadership pipeline and align organizational and talent management goals. She has provided executive leadership coaching, as well as team and organizational alignment strategies to senior administrative and clinical leaders. She fluently combines universal leadership and organizational change principles with the intricacies specific the healthcare industry.

Experience At A Glance:

  • 10+ years as an executive leadership coach to senior healthcare leaders

  • Industrial Organizational Psychologist

  • Specialties:

    • Physician Leadership Development

    • Physician-Administrator Dyad Coaching

    • Strategic Alignment for Teams

    • Succession Planning & Talent Management

    • Personality and Leadership Assessments

    • Leadership Development Initiatives (e.g., program and curriculum design, training and implementation, and evaluation)

    • Internal Coaching Programs for Organization (e.g., program design, training internal resources to deliver effective coaching)

  • National presenter on women's leadership and advancement issues


  • After receiving her B.A. in Psychology from Metropolitan State University of Denver, Lara pursued M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Industrial Organizational Psychology from Colorado State University. In addition to her formal graduate studies, Lara received training and apprenticeship in Executive Coaching and Organizational Development at Legacy Alliance and has sought numerous assessment certifications.

Affiliations & Membership

  • Global Assessor Pool, Advisory Board Member

  • Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology

  • American College of Healthcare Executives

  • Chicago Healthcare Executive Forum

  • Industrial Organizational Psychology Association of Colorado

Recent Publications and Presentations

  • Unleash Your Power...At the Right Time - October 2012

  • Discovering and Preparing Your Physician Leaders - August 2011

  • Mapping Your Career Trajectory: Staying on Track in the Midst of Dazzling Distractions - January 2011

  • Sustainable Physician Partnerships: How Interventions Can Save Investments - October 2010

  • Gender Differences in Negotiation: Utilizing Negotiation Skills to Close the Wage Gap - June 2010

  • Maximizing Organizational Change Strategies - September 2008

  • A Woman's Journey to Executive Success: Navigating the Labyrinth - October 2008

  • Strategic Thinking for Better Results - July 2007

  • Using Coaching in a Leadership Role - July 2007

  • Effectively Utilizing Leadership Power - April 2007

What Surprises Lara: That people will continue to do work that does not engage their passion, hold personal meaning to them or allow them to utilize their greatest strengths, when they could be having a much more exciting and personally fulfilling work experience.

What Inspires Lara: When individuals have the life-altering experience of recognizing their personal and authentic greatness for the first time.

How Lara Stays Current on Industry Trends: Reading healthcare publications, attending seminars and webinars, seeking multiple perspectives by listening to and asking questions of stakeholders who represent different interests within the industry.

How Lara Stays Current in the Field of Leadership: Reading multiple books and publications, research, attending conferences, talking with other leadership experts, social media outlets, listening to organizational leaders' concerns and solutions, watching my clients implement leadership principles in an innovative or personally authentic way.

E-Mail: lsummers@medi-leadership.org
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