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John Matthews

Milwaukee, WI

John Matthews has been a trusted coach, advisor and strategist for close to 30 years. John’s expertise and insight has been shaped by wise leaders and a diverse career that has spanned the fields of journalism, politics, business, healthcare governance and non-profit leadership.

John is a behind-the-scenes, trusted advisor whose greatest fulfillment comes in helping leaders and teams reach their potential. With particular expertise in leadership communications, culture development and change management, John is energized by the massive changes underway in healthcare and other industries deeply influenced by public policy.

Experience At A Glance:  

  • Chief of staff to former Wisconsin Governor and U.S. Health Secretary Tommy Thompson

  • Consultant and advisor in healthcare and other industries, including professional sports and manufacturing

  • Global business executive and Chief of Staff to CEO

  • Chief Strategy officer for drug development company

  • Large healthcare system board member

  • Board member of virtual care company, two environmental NGOs and faith-based Haitian foundation


  • BA, University of Wisconsin – Whitetwater, Journalism

What Surprises John:   How isolated so many senior leaders can feel, even when surrounded by strong teams.

What Inspires John:   Honest, courageous leaders who effectively lead change – even in the face of personal uncertainty.

How John Stays Current on Industry Trends:   John maintains extensive vital relationships in healthcare and is highly experienced in politics and public policy, which are key drivers of many current trends.

How John Stays Current in the Field of Leadership:   John is a student of leadership who advises and serves along side leaders in business and charitable enterprises.

E-Mail: jwmatthews@medi-leadership.org
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