About MEDI: Our Team of Professional and Experienced Executive Coaches

Don Hutton, Founder

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Don Hutton considers founding MEDI in 2001 to be the most important work of his professional career. Forty years in the healthcare industry has provided him with the depth of experience and insight that position him to help CEOs and other healthcare executives raise the bar on their performance.

Experience At A Glance:

  • 23 years as a healthcare executive in not-for-profit hospitals

  • 14 years as CEO in major hospitals and health systems

  • 15 years teaching and coaching in all types of hospitals, in rural and metropolitan settings

  • Speaker and author, nationally known for expertise in leadership development in the healthcare industry

  • Executive-in-Residence, Health Administration Program at UNF

  • Previous faculty member, American College of Healthcare Executives

  • Previous faculty member, Estes Park Institute

Affiliations & Memberships

  • ACHE


Recent Publications & Presentations

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What Surprises Don: The ability of Leaders to continue to raise the bar on their performance in the most difficult circumstances; the ability to learn from experience and make important adjustments to how they lead; and the ability to change and adapt to changes in the environment, no matter how severe or challenging.

What Inspires Don: The willingness of leaders to put others ahead of themselves for the good of the whole.

How Don Stays Current on Industry Trends: By listening and learning from others, by reading journals, books, and other publications, and by being curious.

How Don Stays Current in the Field of Leadership: By reading, but also by observing leaders at work and teaching at the University.

E-Mail: dhutton@medi-leadership.org
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