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Daniel Silverman, MD MPA

Palm Springs, CA

Danny Silverman is an accomplished physician executive with extensive leadership experience at premier academic institutions, major healthcare and management consulting organizations as well as having served on numerous national taskforces. Throughout his career he has shown his ability to think strategically, drive innovation, develop leaders, and create programs that improve the health, wellbeing and career success of others. His extensive professional experience includes developing organizational leadership through mentoring and coaching; facilitating visioning and strategic development; team building; and leading change management and quality improvement initiatives.

Experience At A Glance:

  • Chief Medical Officer, Sinai Hospital of Baltimore

  • Chief Medical Officer, Princeton University

  • Vice President for Clinical Effectiveness, BJC Healthcare System

  • Director, Evidence Based Medicine Clinical Consortium, Washington University School of Medicine

  • Senior Clinical Healthcare Consultant, CSC/APM Healthcare Consulting

  • Senior Consultant, Keeling & Associates Higher Education Consulting


  • Masters of Public Administration, Strategic Management of Healthcare Organizations, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

  • Doctor of Medicine, Northwestern University School of Medicine

  • BA, cum laude, University of Michigan


Selected Presentations

  • The Quality Agenda Year 2: Reinventing Clinical Care, A Report From the Front Lines, 2013

  • On Creating a Quality Agenda: What Physicians Can Do To Reinvent the Clinical Enterprise, 2012

  • The Affordable Care Act, Accountability, and Value: We Have Met the Enemy and They Is Us, 2011

  • Reinventing the Faculty Practice: A Model for a 21st Century Multi-Specialty Practice, 2011

  • Resilience in College Students: How Do We Know It When We See It?, Association of American Colleges and Universities, 2010

  • Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Clinical Effectiveness But Were Afraid To Ask, 2010

  • On Preparing to Become Extraordinary Physicians: A Continuing Dialogue, 2009-13

  • Creating a New Model For the Assessment of Physician Performance, 2009

  • New Approaches to Creating Healthy Campus Communities: The College Depression Partnership, Depression on College Campuses: Creating Healthy Communities, University of Michigan, 2008,

What Surprises Danny:The enormous untapped human potential available to make most good organizations great ones.

What Inspires Danny:Working with teams of dedicated colleagues to create programs that enhance the health and well-being of the communities we serve.

How Danny Stays Current on Industry Trends: Talking with and learning from clients, colleagues and the people we serve; public speaking at healthcare conferences, workshops and grand rounds, attending professional conferences; reading healthcare and higher education journals.

How Danny Stays Current in the Field of Leadership: Through mindful coaching of clients where the coach learns as much as he teaches; reading great literature in a broad range of scientific, humanistic professional and lay publications.

E-Mail: dsilverman@medi-leadership.org
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